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January Events Part 2!

No. 8410 | Date: 01-20-2014

Your Experience!
Gain the required amount of User Experience within the Event Date for a special prize!
(Make sure to check your rank to know how much EXP you are required to gain!)

Lower Ranks: Senior Chief Petty Officer  (or lower)
-          12,000 EXP Gain Requirement

Higher Ranks : Master Chief Petty Officer (or higher)
-          17,000 EXP Gain Requirement

Event Date: January 20th – February 2nd

Prize: Gundam Harute (S Rank)

Prize Date: February 3rd – 5th

*If you rank up from Trainee - Senior Chief Petty Officer during the event, you will not have to switch to the higher rank EXP requirement.

Be Generous!
Gift a friend in-game with Astros within the event date for a prize! (Minimum of 50 Astros)

Event Date: January 20th – February 2nd

Prize: 20,000 Points

Prize Date: February 3rd – 5th

Top 30 users who Gift the highest amount of Astros win a special prize! (Within the Event Date)

Event Date: January 20th – February 2nd

Prize: ZII Gundam (S Rank)

Prize Date: February 3rd – 5th

Note: The prize will be sent to the gifter (Not the receiver)

Collect and Build
Collect the following units for a chance to get the Zabanya Blueprint and other prizes!

Units to collect:
Gundam Dynames (A Rank)
GN Archer (A Rank)
Gundam Throne Eins (A Rank)
Gundam Astraea (Type-F) (BR Rank)
0 Gundam (B Rank)

Collect any 2 of these units
Prize: 5,000 Points
Collect any 3 of these units.
Prize: Capsule Research Boosters (1 Day) x6
Collect any 4 of these units.
Prize: Capsule Research Booster Premium x2
Collect all 5 units.
Prize: Gundam Zabanya (S Rank) Blueprint

Event Date: January 20th – February 2nd
Prize Date: February 3rd – 5th

*Please make sure to have all your collected units by the 2nd and keep all your collected units until you receive your prizes.

Team Battles!
Complete 15 Grid, Tag, Boss or Death Matches per day for a daily prize!

Event Date: January 22nd – 29th
Daily Prize: 20 Custom Upgrade Kit

*Daily Prizes will be given on the following weekday. There may be some delays in the daily prizing. You may check this thread on prizing updates:

Show your love for SDGO! How will you do it?

Print out an image or have an object relevant to SDGO and stick/put it anywhere!

*Must have text ”I Love SDGO!” on or next to it.

*Image must be placed on one of the following:

Working Desk
Home Desk
School Desk (if allowed, don’t get in trouble!)
Textbook Cover
On your friends back
Breakfast // Lunch // Dinner Box
Water Bottle
Coffee Cup/Mug
Message Board
Fridge Doors
Cupboard Doors

(If you have any other areas/spots you would like to place it, please ask us so we may approve it and add it to the list!)

Event Date: January 20th – February 12th

Participations Prize: 1 Post will get you a Mystery SR rank Coupon x1 !
Top 30 Posts will get Mystery SR Rank Coupons x2!

Prize Date: February 13th – 14th

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