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February Events Part 1

No. 8434 | Date: 02-03-2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Earn the following EXP for a chance to win Ryofu Tallgeese (Lu Bu) (A Rank) !

Lower Ranks: Trainee - Senior Chief Petty Officer 
-          12,000 EXP Gain Requirement
Higher Ranks: Master Chief Petty Officer - Lieutenant 
-          20,000 EXP Gain Requirement
Event Date: February 3rd – 18th
Prize: (Lu Bu) Ryofu Tallgeese (A Rank)
Prize Date: February 21st – 24th
*If you rank up from Trainee - Senior Chief Petty Officer during the event, you will not have to switch to the higher rank EXP requirement.
*IMPORTANT NOTE* PvP and Missions count towards this event, however Clan Battle EXP does NOT count towards this event.
Year of the Horse!      

Take a screenshot of your horse-riding unit and post it in the forums for a participation prize!

Event Date: February 3rd – 23rd

Participation Prize: 10,000 Points

Prize Date:  February 24th - 26th 

Link to Event Thread 

Let’s Celebrate Chinese New Year on Facebook!


-         If we reach 90,000 Likes on our SDGO Facebook Page by this event date, everyone who logs-in on February 19th will receive a new SS Rank Mystery Coupons x3!!
-         If we achieve this goal on time, in March we will run a new Facebook Event for a Free Unreleased S Rank Unit Give-Away!
-         If we achieve 86,000 Likes on time, the prize will be only 1 SS Rank Mystery Coupon for logging in on February 19th

Event End Date: February 3rd- 18th

Log-In Date for the Prize: February 19th (Must log-in on this date for the prize)

Prize Date: February 20th – 21st
Clan Training!

Earn 10 Clan Battles per day for a daily prize!

Event Date: February 3rd – 18th

Prize: 10 Capsule Machine Slot Expander + 3 CM Coins*Prizes are handed out on the following weekday.
The Shopaholics!

Top 50 Point Spenders

Prize: Justice Gundam (METEOR) (SS Rank) 

Top 50 Astro Spenders

Prize: Gundam Exia Repair II (AR Rank) + Custom Upgrade Kit x50 + SS Rank Mystery Coupon x5 

Event Date: February 3rd – 18th

Prize Date: February 20th – 21st 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Log in on Valentine’s day (Feb 14th)

Even Date: February 14th

Prize: 3 CM Coins + 3 Heart Stickers

Prize Date: February 17th – 19th

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