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February Events Part 2

No. 8466 | Date: 02-19-2014

Let’s Play!

Gain the following EXP within Week 1 and/or within Week 2!

If you complete these requirements in 1 of the week periods, you will receive the prize once. If you complete the requirements in both of these weeks, you get the prize twice!

- For user ranks Trainee to Senior Chief Petty Officer, gain 3,000 EXP
Prize: Hangar Slot Expander x1
- For user ranks Master Chief Petty Officer and higher, gain 7,000 EXP
Prize: Custom Upgrade Kit x40
Event Dates: 
Week 1: February 19th – February 25th
Week 2: February 26th – March 4th

Prize Dates:
Week 1:  February 26th
Week 2: March 5th

 *Clan EXP does not count for this event.

Clan Gains!

Work together with your clan to collect a total of 10,000 Clan EXP (within the event date) for everyone in the clan to get the prize!

Event Date: February 19th – March 4th

Prize: 20,000 + 10 Megaphones

Prize Date:  March 5th – 7th


Spending Bonuses

Get these additional items if you spend the following amounts.

Spend 400 Astros
Prize:  10 CM Coins

Spend 800 Astros
Prize:  Capsule Research Booster Premium x2

Spend 1,000 Astros
Prize:  Countless Hammers Package

Spend 100,000 Points
Prize:  Rare Capsule Hammers x30
Top 3 Point Spenders
Prize: Mystery SS Rank unit
Event Date: February 19th – March 4th
Prize Date:  March 5th – 7th

Forum Participation  - Custom Build

Post a screenshot of your own custom build unit!

Include a short description for your custom build with its name, build and show off the custom paint job you’ve done on it! (You may choose any in-game unit to participate)

Even Date: February 19th – March 4th
Prize:  10 Megaphones + 10,000 Points
Prize Date: March 5th – 7th

Facebook Event

Let’s get 500 additional Likes on our Facebook Page!

We currently have 84,433 Likes on our Facebook Page.
Our goal is to reach 84,933 Likes by March 4th and everyone who logs in on March 5th will receive a Hangar Slot Expander!

Additional 500 Likes Due Date: March 4th

Prize: Hangar Slot Expander

Log-in Requirement Date: Match 5th

Prize Date: March 6th-7th

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