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Gundam 35th Anniversary Event Week!

No. 8551 | Date: 04-01-2014

Hello Pilots!

It's Gundam's 35th Anniversary on the 7th of April!
So let's celebrate with these events below!
It’s Gundam’s Birthday Weekend Celebration!
Play this weekend and each hour of play time gives you a stack-able prize!
1 Hour of Play-Time (Maximum of 5 hours’ worth of prize per day)
1 Hour Prize: 3,000 Points (Cannot exceed 15,000 Points per day)
Event Date: April 4th – 6th  
Prize Date: April 7th 
To War!
You must work together to achieve these battles!
Gain 10 Clan Battles per day and every user in the clan receives the daily prize!
Daily Prize:  5 CM Coins
Event Date: April 3rd – 8th
Prize Date:  The following weekday   
Note: This means the total of Clan Battles completed by the clan; Not per user. As long as the entire clan itself has collected 10 battles, all the clan members qualify.
Much Gains!
Gain the following User EXP for the prizes.
Gain 1,000 User EXP
Prize: Red2 Paint x5 
Gain 2,000 User EXP
Prize:  Operator H (7 Days)
Gain 4,000 User EXP
Prize: Custom Upgrade Kit x40 
Gain 8,000 User EXP
Prize: Hangar Expander x1 
Gain 16,000 User EXP
Prize:  EXP Packs 1000 (Full) x12 
Note: EXP Includes PvP, Missions and Clan Battles.
Event Date: April 2nd – 9th 
Prize Date: April 11th 
The Random Level 13!
Here’s another chance for you to get Level EX on a unit you own!
On the Event Forum Thread, take a screen shot of the unit you wish to have at level 13 (EX), include the full unit’s name, rank, its current level and your IGN!
35 Lucky Random Users will be selected from this thread and be granted the Level 13 (EX) on the unit they posted about![/B]
Event Date: April 2nd – 9th 
Prize Date: April 11th 
Note: The information is to help GM Lychee upgrade the correct requested unit in your hangars. It does not matter what the unit’s rank or level is to be randomly selected.
Spending Spree!
For you shoppers, this is a good time to be spending!
Spend the following on SDGO for the prizes!
- Spend 100 Astros 
Prize:  Capsule Research Development Kit x100
- Spend 200 Astros 
Prize:  30 Hammers
- Spend 300 Astros 
Prize:  20,000 Points
- Spend 400 Astros
Prize:  20 CM Coins
- Spend 500 Astros
Prize:  Hangar Slot Expander + Albion Battleship
- Spend 1,000 Astros
Prize:  40,000 Points
- Spend 50,000 Points
Prize:  Operator H (28 Days)
- Spend 100,000 Points
Prize:  Capsule Research Booster Premium x2
- Spend 200,000 Points
Prize:  Hangar Expander x3
- GIFT (an in-game item on SDGO) to a friend on SDGO using minimum of 50 Astros
Prize:  20,000 Points
- Remember this is a Spending event. Simply purchasing Astros to keep into your account will not qualify you. The amount of Astros must be spent in the in-game shop or on the web gashapon.
- This is the same for gifting a friend. You must Gift an item in-game with your Astros to qualify. Do not simply gift Astros to your friend’s account as it will not count towards the spending event.
-  Spending one of the Astros amount will mean you will receive all of the above prizes too. (Example, if you spent 500 Astros, all the prizes above such as the 100, 200, 300 and 400 spending prizes will also be received)
Event Date: April 2nd – 9th 
Prize Date: April 10th -11th 
Forum Participation and Winners Event – Favorite Unit Video!
Hey Pilots! Show off your ultimate unit!
Create a video all about your favorite unit!
It can be a guide or a compilation, anything you want about that one special unit!
The best chosen 3 videos will be uploaded to our official SDGO YouTube Channel!
Rule: The video MUST have music from SDGO. Videos with custom music not related to SDGO will not qualify.
(You can find SDGO’s music files under the SDGO directory where you installed the game. Example:  C:\Program Files (x86)\OGPlanet\SD Gundam Capsule Fighter\BGM)
SDGO YouTube Channel:
Winners Prize: 10 CM Coins + 20,000 Points
Participation Prize: 20,000 Points
Event Date: April 2nd – 23rd 
Winner Announcement Date: April 28th 
Prize Date: April 29th 

Thank you for your support!

Have fun!

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