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April Events part 1 !

No. 8567 | Date: 04-08-2014


EXP for Points
Play and get bonus points!

Gain the required amount of EXP and get Points for it in return!

Gain 3,000 User EXP
Prize: 3,000 Points

Gain 7,000 User EXP

Prize: 7,000 Points
Gain 15,000 User EXP
Prize: 10,000 Points
Gain 25,000 User EXP
Prize: 15,000 Points
Gain 50,000 User EXP
Prize:  Gafran (B Rank)

-          Prizes stack. If you reach the 25,000 EXP gain requirement, you will have a total of 35,000 Points.
-          EXP gains include all PvP, Missions and Clan

Event Date: April 9th – 23rd  
Prize Date:  April 25th    

Lose 1 Win 1!
Gain the following Daily:

Gain 5 Win Battles
Gain 5 Lost Battles

Daily Prize:  10 Rare Hammers + 10 Rare Capsules

Note: EXP Includes PvP, Missions and Clan Battles.
Event Date: April 10th – 20th   
Prize Date: The following weekday

First Time Spenders
Spend Astros for the first time on SDGO!

Spend 75 Astros on SDGO or more for the First Time and win big prizes!

Prize:  Brave Commander Test Type (S Rank)

Event Date: April 9th – 30th
Prize Date: May 2nd

Spenders Get Ready.
Spend the following on SDGO!

-          Spend 200 Astros
Prize:  10 CM Coins
-          Spend 400 Astros
Prize:  20 CM Coins
-          Spend 800 Astros
Prize:  120 Capsule Machine Slot Expander + 10 CM Coins
-          Spend 1,000 Astros
Prize:  30,000 Points
-          Spend 200,000 Points
Prize:  Hangar Expander x1 + 10 CM Coins

Top 10 Astro Spenders
Prize: Gundam F91 (Harrison Martin Colors) (AR Rank) + GM II (Semi Striker) (CR Rank) 
Top 10 Point Spenders
Prize: Unicorn Gundam Banshee (NT-D) (S Rank) 

-          GIFT an in-game item on SDGO to a friend on SDGO using minimum of 50 Astros
Prize:  20,000 Points
-          Remember this is a Spending event. Simply purchasing Astros to keep into your account will not qualify you. The amount of Astros must be spent in the in-game shop or on the web gashapon.
-          This is the same for gifting a friend. You must Gift an item in-game with your Astros to qualify. Do not directly gift Astros to your friend’s account as it will not count towards the spending event.
Event Date: April 9th – 23rd  
Prize Date: April 25th

Clan Colors!
Does your clan have a color scheme?

Gain a total of 100 Clan Battles and all members of the clan wins the prizes!

Prize: 5 types of Astro worth Paints x3 of each type!

Note: EXP Includes PvP, Missions and Clan Battles.
Event Date: April 9th – 23rd    
Prize Date: April 25th  


Forum Participation Event – Upgrade to Level 13 !

Post on the event thread, the very reason why you love SDGO!
In addition, add a screenshot of a unit of your choice that you wish to have granted to level 13! Make sure to include its full name, rank and your IGN!

35 Users will be selected and their units will gain Level 13 (EX) !
(We might even quote you on our Facebook page)

35 Winners Prize: A Unit granted to Level 13
Participation Prize: 10,000 Points

Event Date: April 9th – 23rd
Prize Date: April 28th

Have fun!
Thanks for your support!!


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