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SDGO Dual Ignition Login and Play Calendar

February Login Calendar

Feb, 05/2015

SDGO - Power Hours/Monthly Mission Part 3

Hello Pilots!~ Enjoy the new events :) SDGO Team

Jan, 30/2015

[SDGO] The Diversive Battlefield

Dear Pilots!~ We launched our "The Diversive Battlefield" Event.  We hope that you will enjoy it very much** SDGO Team

Jan, 29/2015

SDGO - January Absorb The Power Events**

We launched new events for you Pilots!~ Check it out.

Jan, 16/2015

SDGO Boxing Day 2014

Happy Boxing Day Pilots! Enjoy our Web Shop for new Boxing Day deals, Christmas ICM and 12 days of xmas login event. ~ Regards, SDGO Team

Dec, 22/2014

Mission Event - Last Shooting!

Hey There Pilots, It is the time for December Mission Event round 3!~ Enjoy it, SDGO Team

Dec, 18/2014

Mission Event - Kou's Obsession!

Hey Dear Pilots, We launched our December Mission event Round 2! ~ Regards, SDGO Team

Dec, 11/2014

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