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We Need More Pilots - Biggest Prizes Ever!

Pilots of SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, OGPlanet is under attack and we need more pilots like you. Simply share our Facebook recruiting event post to participate. All of you will win and lucky winners will walk away with Master Grade Gunpla, SD Gunpla, or Astros! This is the biggest event ever, so don't forget to participate!

Feb, 23/2012

[SDGO] 'S' is for Strength! - New Events

Greetings everyone, We have updated our events as we move along with the new update. Check out our February events that kick off from Feb. 9th!

Feb, 07/2012

[SDGO] Downtime Compensation Event

In order to make up for a short downtime yesterday, we are hosting an in-game game point event!

Feb, 01/2012

[SDGO]Gashapon Update No. 4

The web Gashapon will be getting new units on January 26, 2012 but they won’t be around forever.

Jan, 28/2012

[SDGO]Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year

Jan, 19/2012

[SDGO]January Tournament

This month we officially kick off our monthly Tournaments

Jan, 18/2012

[SDGO] Capsule Madness

With all the capsules that are rolling this way it is sure to be madness, and these event wont help calm the situation either!

Jan, 12/2012

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