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Unicorn Shining Bright - August Events! ~

August events started! They will also be running into September too ~

Aug, 11/2014

SDGO Ages Well With Time - July Events

July events are finally here! They will also be running well into August as well. 

Jul, 28/2014

June Events v2 - UPGRADED

Attention Pilots! Drum roll... June events are here! We got new Promotion packages available whenever you rank up to the selected ranks. Come join GM Epic and play some missions or PvP matches with her! We've got a few sales going and much much more! Come check it out!

Jun, 11/2014

May Events Part 1

May is here! New Events have begun!

May, 08/2014

April Events Part 2!

Here are the promised awesome events! Power Hours are back!!!

Apr, 24/2014

April Events part 1 !

New events are here! Time to play!

Apr, 08/2014

Gundam 35th Anniversary Event Week!

It's Gundam's 35th Birthday week! Let's celebrate it with these events!

Apr, 01/2014

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