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[SDGO] G-Revolution Site is Live.

No. 7916 | Date: 06-20-2013

Hello Pilots,
The G-Revolution site is now live.
Important notes!

1) We are still investigating the issue with Char’s Gelgoog blueprint which is causing client crash. This will be hotfixed immediately once the root of the issue has been identified.
2) If you roll with CM Coins on the Custom Capsule Machine, your points will be changed to the # of CM Coins you own. However, this problem is fixed once you change rooms (i.e. go to my room and go back to capsule room) or if you restart the client. This issue will be fixed as soon as we can.
3) 00 Raiser (unit) will be on sale in in-game shop for 1 week!
4) New packages!


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