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16-Bit Error Fix Complete!

No. 8097 | Date: 08-23-2013

Greetings Pilots!

We are pleased to announce that the [16-Bit Error] has been corrected and will no longer cause any problems!

All New Users will be able to download the SDGO Client straight from the OGP Launcher, and the game will function as normal.

For those who have had the [16-Bit Error] despite the [GUpdate_NORTH_AMERICA.exe] file replacement, this will fix the problem as well.

If you're a veteran SDGO player and would prefer to save your time, simply follow this step as we have posted in the previous thread.
Step 1. First of all, please download the file from the link below:

Step 2. Second, please locate the SDGO Folder in which the SDGO Client has been installed to. By default, it would be something like this:
[C:\Program Files (x86)\OGPlanet\SD Gundam Capsule Fighter]

Step 3. Third, Copy and Replace the [GUpdate_NORTH_AMERICA.exe] with the one you have downloaded in Step 1.
Should the problem persist, please do not hesitate to contact the OGP Help Desk.
We look forward to seeing you online.
Thanks again for your kind patience throughout this ordeal.
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


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