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SDGO Server Maintenance Notice - 07/23/2014

Hello dear Pilots ~ There will be a maintenance in 5 minutes! Thank you for your support! SDGO Team

Jul, 23/2014

Server Outage - 7/22/2014

Attention Pilots! Starting at 7:30 pm PST, SDGO servers had an outage. Servers are now live.   We apologize for this inconvenience.

Jul, 22/2014

SDGO Emergency Server Maintenance Notice - Complete

Greetings Pilots,   The emergency maintenance for SDGO is complete and servers are now live!   Regards, -SDGO Team

Jul, 04/2014

SDGO Server Maintenance Notice - Completed

Greetings Pilots,   Maintenance is complete and servers are now live.   Regards, -SDGO Team

Jun, 25/2014

Maintenance Update is Complete!

Maintenance is Completed!

May, 15/2014

SDGO Server Maintenance Notice - 5/13/14

Greetings Pilots,   Servers will go down for Maintenance at 10:00PM Pacific Time   Regards, -SDGO Team

May, 14/2014

Maintenance is Complete! Servers are up!

Maintenance Patch Update is now completed.

Apr, 17/2014

Maintenance Patch Update Tonight!! 04/16/2014

Servers will go down for Maintenance at 10:00PM Pacific Time

Apr, 16/2014

Point Hammers Flash Sale!!

Point Hammers are up at 12PM (Noon) Pacitic for 24 hours!

Apr, 10/2014

Server Restart Maintenance Completed!

Just a quick maintenance to clear out the lag.

Apr, 07/2014

Point Hammers Flash Sale!!

Starting at 10AM (Pacific) to April 3rd to 10AM April 4th!

Apr, 03/2014

Point Hammers Flash Sale!!

Rare Capsules Hammers for points are here for 24 hours!

Mar, 27/2014

Closure of Astros on Amazon

Astros will not longer be available for purchase on Amazon.

Mar, 18/2014

March's Maintenance Patch Update

The Maintenance will begin tonight at 10PM PST

Mar, 13/2014

[Flash Sale] Point Hammers!

Point Hammers Fash Sale available for 24 hours!

Mar, 11/2014

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