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BB Senshi Units removed Temporarily from shop

The new BB Senshi Units will be removed from the Shop.

Apr, 19/2012

[SDGO] Maintenance Complete! - Apr. 19th

Servers are back up again!

Apr, 19/2012

[SDGO] Maintenance notice - Apr. 18th

Server will be undergoing a maintenance at 10PM tonight. See inside for more detail.

Apr, 18/2012

Easter Login Surprise Event awarded!

The reward for the Easter Login Surprise Event has been awarded! Happy gaming!

Apr, 13/2012

SDGO NA - Server back online!

The server is live as of now. Thank you for your patience.

Apr, 12/2012

[SDGO] Maintenance notice - Apr. 11th~Apr. 12th

Time has come for the long-anticipated monthly patch. Please look inside for more details.

Apr, 10/2012

Raffle Winners (April 6th)

Congratulations to Tsu****mi for winning the raffle prize for Ace Spender I!   Congratulations to dav****2 for winning the raffle prize for Battle of the Grind!  

Apr, 09/2012

Raffle Winners (March 30th)

Congratulations to Tri****Zwei for winning the raffle prize for Ace Spender I! Congratulations to Roy****rple for winning the raffle prize for Battle of the Grind! 

Apr, 05/2012

[SDGO] 'Weekend Warriors' is back!

The event that was postponed last weekend is making its way back! Read on.

Mar, 23/2012

[SDGO] March Event NO.5 adjustments

Greetings pilots, We are faced with some difficulties with our March event NO.5. Please readon on for details regarding compensation.

Mar, 23/2012

[SDGO] Maintenance Concluded

We have concluded our maintenance on the server now.

Mar, 22/2012

[SDGO] Server Maintenance Notice - 3/22 @ 16:00PST

Server will be undergoing a short maintenance to address the ranking issue.

Mar, 22/2012

[SDGO] New In-Game shop Content

Hello pilots! We've added new content to the In-Game shop! 2 New blue prints! 3 New units!

Mar, 22/2012

Delay in Prize Giveaway from Facebook Referral Event

Due to large number of participants, giveaway and an announcement for winners are delayed for one day. We are very sorry about this. We will be announcing winners and start giving away prizes tomorrow afternoon.

Mar, 15/2012

[SDGO]The Custom Giveaway!

We are giving out even more Cyclops & dummies as well as points for the Custom Capsule Machine.

Mar, 15/2012

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