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[SDGO] New In-Game shop Content

Hello pilots! We've added new content to the In-Game shop! 2 New blue prints! 3 New units!

Mar, 22/2012

Delay in Prize Giveaway from Facebook Referral Event

Due to large number of participants, giveaway and an announcement for winners are delayed for one day. We are very sorry about this. We will be announcing winners and start giving away prizes tomorrow afternoon.

Mar, 15/2012

[SDGO]The Custom Giveaway!

We are giving out even more Cyclops & dummies as well as points for the Custom Capsule Machine.

Mar, 15/2012

[SDGO]Mission Items Galore!

In case our previous Cyclops and Dummies weren’t enough.

Mar, 13/2012

[SDGO] Awesome Item Giveaway

Those missions will trouble you no more!

Mar, 08/2012

[SDGO] Web Shop Units Updated

The units available in the web shop have changed!

Mar, 08/2012

[SDGO]Compensation Awarded

The users qualifying for the down time compensation have now been awarded.

Mar, 05/2012

[SDGO] Compensation Notice

Greetings, Pilots. We sincerely apologize for the server issue last Saturday. The issue has now been resolved and the server is back up and running. Compensation of 5,000 GP will be awarded for players

Mar, 04/2012

[SDGO] Event Winners!

Here are the recent winners of our ongoing events.

Feb, 24/2012

[SDGO]New units joining the Web Gashapon

The units in the Web Gashapon will be changed soon, so be sure to check it out!

Feb, 22/2012

[SDGO]Server Update Complete

The update is complete and the server is back online. Thank you for your patience.

Feb, 09/2012

[SDGO] Servers will be down at 10PM PST

The servers will be down temporally at 10 PM PST for our monthly update.

Feb, 08/2012

[SDGO]New Blueprints in the in game shop.

We just released some New Blueprints in the in-game shop.

Feb, 01/2012

[SDGO] Webshop Unit Update

The units now available in the webshop have been changed.

Feb, 01/2012

[SDGO]Favorable Conditions Mk II Compensation

Those who logged in on the during the first two Favorable conditions have received 10,000 Game Points as compensation.

Jan, 27/2012

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