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Servers Are Back Online

Maintenance is complete, and our servers are back online. See you in-game!

Nov, 28/2013

All Game Server Maintenance

All game servers will be down on November 27th for 3 hours.

Nov, 25/2013

Server Restart

SDGO will go under server restart. Service will be down for approximately 10 minutes.

Nov, 14/2013

Veterans Day Appreciation

To express our gratitude and appreciation to all the veterans who have served and who are still active all over the world, let's all join together this Veteran's Day for a day of remembrance.

Nov, 08/2013

Scheduled Daylight Savings Maintenance – November 3, 2013

All OGP Game Servers will undergo a Daylight Savings Time maintenance on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013. The maintenance will begin at [12:30AM] Pacific Standard Time, and be completed at approximately [1:30AM] PST. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Nov, 01/2013

Update Complete

October Monthly Update is Now Complete.

Oct, 10/2013

Scheduled Maintenance Notice

SDGO Servers will undergo a maintenance from 10:00PM to approximately 2:00AM Pacific Standard Time.

Oct, 09/2013

[SDGO] Maintenance Complete

September Monthly Maintenance is Now Complete.

Sep, 12/2013

[SDGO] Scheduled Maintenance Notice

Scheduled maintenance for September will begin tonight at 10:00PM Pacific Time.

Sep, 11/2013

Temporary Maintenance

For Server improvement, access to OGP Games will be unavailable from 10:00PM-11:00PM Pacific Stanrdard Time.

Sep, 10/2013

16-Bit Error Fix Complete!

Thanks for your patience! 16-Bit Launcher Error has been fixed!

Aug, 23/2013

16-Bit Error Status Update

We have a temporary solution for the 16-Bit Error! Check this out.

Aug, 23/2013

Monthly Maintenance

SDGO will undergo a Monthly Maintenance starting from 10:00PM PDT.

Aug, 21/2013

Brief Maintenance

OGPlanet's Websites will undergo a temporary maintenance on August 21st at 10:00PM to 10:30PM (PDT).

Aug, 21/2013

Helpdesk Maintenance Complete!

Helpdesk Maintenance is now complete.

Aug, 20/2013

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