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Recon Drive! February Content Update!

No. 8453 | Date: 02-11-2014

February Recon Drive Update
[Rare Capsule Event]
A brand new Rare Capsule event has started! 
Catch as many as you can for a chance at getting Zaku II High Mobility Type (Black Tri-Stars Custom) (BS Rank) Coupons and Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R (SR Rank) Coupons!!
- ALL past Rare Capsules collected in User Rooms will be removed! But Rare Capsule Hammers in User Rooms will stay. 
- Rare Capsule Hammers for Astros will be available for a full month.
- Rare Capsule Hammers for Points will be available through "Flash Sales".
-There will also be Rare Capsule Hammers available as Event prizes.
[In-Game Content]
New Quest:
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Chronicles Quest 1-5
Xi Gundam 
Zabanya Gundam
Research Lab #2:
Hyperion Gundam Unit 1 (AS)
[In-Game Shop]
- Harute Package (360 Astros)
Harute Level 7, Slot 3(S)
x80 Custom Upgrade Kit
x10 EXP Pack 1000 (Full)
- Penelope Package (360 Astros)
Penelope Level 7, Slot 3 (S)
x80 Custom Upgrade Kit
x10 EXP Pack 1000 (Full)
- Unit Booster Package (124 Astros)
Golden Time Operator I (7days)
x40 Custom Upgrade Kit
x10 EXP Pack 1000 (Full)
- Countless Hammers Package (300 Astros)
x100 Rare Capsule Hammers
x30 Rare Capsules

Current Bugs to note:
Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R (SR Rank) has an incorrect COUPON IMAGE. The coupon itself is fine, but the image is displayed a Sazabi. Do not panic when you see this! It's just a display bug that will be fixed soon!

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