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35th Gundam Anniversary - Balance & New Features Update!

No. 8581 | Date: 04-17-2014

New Balance Update, New Features and New Content!!
To celebrate Gundam’s 35th Anniversary, we have added a balance update + new features!

[New Features]
1)       Merged Channels
- Training Channel and Beginners Channel have now merged together!
- Trainee ranks and above can now play PVP!
- ‘Very Easy’ mode in some Co-Op Missions can now be selected in the Beginners Channel.

2)      Auto Join system
How it Works:
- Start Matches with the Auto Join Button below the unit view from Game Room or My Room.
- You can choose between PVP General Match and Death Match.
- The Battle will begin with Pilots who have similar Ladder scores. 
? Auto Join will not be working for Expert Pilots who try to join from the Beginner Channel.

3)      Ladder Ranking System Update

How it Works:
- Ladder Points can only be acquired from Auto Join Battles
- Ladder Points increases when winning in battle, and decreases when loosing.
- If your enemy team has more Ladder Points than your team, more Ladder Points will be gained when winning the battle and less Ladder Points will be deducted when losing.
- However, if your enemy team has less Ladder Points than your team, less ladder points will be gained when winning and more points will be deducted when losing the battle.

4)       New System "Unit Combination"!

How it works:
- "Unit Combination" System had been added to the Factory
- Combine 2 or more of the same units to gain additional bonuses!
- 4 types of bonuses can be earned when you combine 2 of the same units together.
The four are:
1.       Unit EXP Increase
2.       Unit Repair Cost Decrease
3.       Parts Reset Cost Decrease
4.       Item Drop Rate Increase
- These bonuses will be gained randomly, as well as their amount.
- Cool Badge can be earned on your unit depending on the number of combinations and amount of bonuses received.
? Rental Units cannot be used for combination
5)       Updated Custom Parts in Factory!!

[New Content]
1.       Rare Capsules from March will continue!
-          Hi Nu Gundam (SR Rank) and Byarlant Custom (BR Rank) will continue to drop from the Rare Capsules!
-          There will now be Flash Hammer Sales every weekend!

2.       New Units in Shop!
-          Arios Gundam Ascalon (SS Rank) – 400 Astros
-          Gundam AGE-2 Double Bullet (AS Rank) – 200 Astros
-          Turn X (S Rank) – 277 Astros

3.       New Package in Shop!
-          Twin Guns Package – 300 Astros
§  Strike Noir Gundam (Twin Linear Guns) (AS Rank)
§  Custom Upgrade Kit x80
§  Slot Expander x1
-          Gadelaza Package – 339 Astros
§  Gadelaza (S Rank)
§  Custom Upgrade Kit x80
§  Slot Expander x1

4.       New Blueprint!
-          Justice Gundam (METEOR) (SS Rank)

5.       New Units in Custom Capsule Machine!
-          Wing Gundam (EW) (BR Rank)
-          Gundam Avalanche Exia (AR Rank)
-          Gafran (B Rank)

6.       New Co-Op Mission!
-          Scenario Mission - Winds of Jaburo

7.       New Operator in Shop!
-          Operator F2 – 12 Astros for 3 days rental

Current Known Bug: Regular Capsule Machines have an error upon rolling for in-game Points.
We are currently working on this issue with our Developers to fix this as soon as possible.
Compensations will be given to all users for this problem.
We sincerely apologize for this and thank you for your patience.

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