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SDGO Target Aimed: Gundam F91

No. 8712 | Date: 06-25-2014

Hello Pilots,

Here's what we've got for this month:

Rare Capsule Update:

- SR Rank Gundam F91 (Twin VSBR) has been added
- AR Rank Gundam F91 (Harrison Custom) has been added
- Polisher 100 has been added
- Blue 3 Paint has been added

New Items in the Shop:

New Packages:
- Arche Gundam Package: Arche Gundam + Supply Coupon x1
- Destroy Gundam Package: Destroy Gundam + Supply Coupon x1
- Three Son Siblings Package: Sonsaku Physalis, Sonshoukou Gerbera, and Sonken Gundam
- Three Strategists Package: Koumei Re-GZ, Shiba-i Sazabi, and Shuuyu Hyakushiki

New Unit:
- S Rank Zeta Gundam 3A Type now available for Astros

New Blueprints:
- Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee (NT-D)
- Brave (Commander Test Type)
- Sinanju Stein

New Stickers:
- Amuro 2 Sticker
- VII Sticker

Custom Capsule:

New Units Added:

- AR Rank Hyaku Shiki Custom Mass Production
- A Rank Abyss Gundam
- BR Rank Geara Zulu (Angelo Custom)
- B Rank DOM Trooper
- CR Rank Windam (Nuclear Missile)
- CR Rank Jegan Type-R (4x Rocket Launcher)
- C Rank Tieren (Long-Range Cannon Type)
- C Rank Union Realdo (Taribia Colors)

Units Removed:

- AR Rank Gundam Avalanche Exia
- BR Rank Wing Gundam (EW)

Research Lab Revamp:

Lab 1:

- AS Rank Perfect Zeong
- AS Rank Gundam Spiegel (Messergranz)
- A  Rank Val Varo
- A  Rank Gaia Gundam
- A  Rank Gundam X
- BS Rank Gundam (Hyper Hammer)
- BS Rank Zaku I (Ramba Ral Custom)
- B  Rank Tallgeese
- B  Rank Noble Gundam
- B  Rank ReGelg
- CS Rank GM Quel (Repair) (Custom 4)

Lab 2:

- AR Rank Psyco Gundam (Megaparticle Cannon)
- AS Rank Strike Noir Gundam (Twin Linear Guns)
- AS Rank Gundam Spiegel (Messergranz)
- A  Rank Val Varo
- A  Rank Gaia Gundam
- A  Rank Gundam X
- BR Rank Gundam Astraea Type-F
- BS Rank Zaku I (Ramba Ral Custom)
- BS Rank Re-GZ BWS
- B  Rank Tallgeese
- B  Rank Noble Gundam
- B  Rank ReGelg
- CR Rank Zaku II (Magella Cannon) (Custom 4)

Bug Fixes:

Image Fixes:
- Strike Freedom Gundam (Meteor) Coupon image has been corrected to the proper image
- Re-Gz BWS from the Research Lab 2 have been corrected to the proper unit
- Astrayfire's, Revenant's, and xRedComet's Stickers have been fixed so the images appear in the shop

Quest Fixes:
- PvP Quest for C Ranks (2), reward now correctly displayed

General Fixes:
- Room names have had the character letter limit increased from 12 to 20 letters
- Faction Wars Event has been fixed

Text Fixes:
- Gadelaza's Weapon text "GN Bluster" has been corrected to "GN Blaster"
- Turn X Gundam's Weapon text "Beam Fangs" has been corrected to "Grappling"
- Turn X Gundam's Weapon text "Destroy Fusion Manipulator" has been corrected to "Fusion Destruction Manipulator"
- Hi-Nu Gundam's Weapon text "Beam Saber (Burst Fire) has been corrected to "Beam Rifle (Burst Fire)"
- Gelgoog M (Cima Custom)'s Skill "Commander of Misfortune" has been correct to "Mayfly of Space"
- GAZuOOT's Weapon text "Heavy Assault Machine Gun" to "Furca Dual Beam Cannons"
- GAZuOOT's Weapon text "Shoulder Barrel Cannons" to "Surface-to-Air Missile"

Thank you for all your support!
-SDGO Team

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