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35th Gundam Anniversary - Balance & New Features Update!

New Balance Update, New Features and New Content!!

Apr, 17/2014

The Predator! March Update part 2!

More content for March! Come check it out~

Mar, 26/2014

March's Patch Notes!

Check out the new Content for March's Patch Update!

Mar, 13/2014

Meteor Shower Update!

New content Available!

Feb, 24/2014

Recon Drive! February Content Update!

New update is here! Check out the new content for the Recon Drive update!

Feb, 11/2014

January Patch Update Part 1!

January Patch Notes part 1 is here! Take a look at the new content.

Jan, 15/2014

Web Gashapon January update

Web Gashapon has been updated and has never been for 18 Astros!

Jan, 06/2014

Christmas Update!

Merry Christmas Pilots! Check out the new content here!

Dec, 17/2013

December Web Gashapon Update!

Web Gashapon has been updated!

Dec, 11/2013

December 4th Patch Update Content

Check out the Patch Update's new content here!

Dec, 04/2013

November Monthly Contents & Events!

Check out the awesome Contents & Events for month of November!

Nov, 08/2013

November Monthly Update

Scheduled Monthly Maintenance will begin tonight at 10:00PM

Nov, 06/2013

October Web Gashapon #2 is Live!

New Web Gashapon with New Units!

Oct, 29/2013

October Web Gashapon #1 is Live!

New Web Gashapon with New Units!

Oct, 21/2013

October Patch Notes

Here are the October Contents!

Oct, 10/2013

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