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SDGO Ages Well With Time

Patch Notes for July Update: New Item Capsule Machines have arrived filled with new units or units you missed, new items in the shop, more CCM additions, new Research Lab additions and much much more.

Jul, 25/2014

Maintenance Bug Patch Notes 7/04/2014

Bug Patch Notes for the June Update, check out the included fixes!

Jul, 04/2014

SDGO Delta and Banshee: On The Rise

Web Gashapon has been updated!

Jun, 30/2014

SDGO Target Aimed: Gundam F91

Patch Notes for June Update is here, Gundam F91s are in the Rare Capsules, Lab revamps, and much more!

Jun, 25/2014

Search and Destroy Gashapon Update

Web Gashapon has been updated! New Units and Blueprint in shop too!

May, 26/2014

May's Patch Notes! Capsules Sighted!

Patch Notes are here! Will you be surprised by May's new content??

May, 15/2014

April's Lone Wolves Gashapon Update!

Web Gashapon has been updated! New Units and Blueprint in shop too!

Apr, 28/2014

35th Gundam Anniversary - Balance & New Features Update!

New Balance Update, New Features and New Content!!

Apr, 17/2014

The Predator! March Update part 2!

More content for March! Come check it out~

Mar, 26/2014

March's Patch Notes!

Check out the new Content for March's Patch Update!

Mar, 13/2014

Meteor Shower Update!

New content Available!

Feb, 24/2014

Recon Drive! February Content Update!

New update is here! Check out the new content for the Recon Drive update!

Feb, 11/2014

January Patch Update Part 1!

January Patch Notes part 1 is here! Take a look at the new content.

Jan, 15/2014

Web Gashapon January update

Web Gashapon has been updated and has never been for 18 Astros!

Jan, 06/2014

Christmas Update!

Merry Christmas Pilots! Check out the new content here!

Dec, 17/2013

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