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August Monthly Update Patch Notes

Thank you for your patience. Here's the Patch Notes for the month of August.

Aug, 22/2013

[SDGO] Web Gashapon Update (Aug. 7th, 2013)

Web Gashapon has been updated.

Aug, 07/2013

[SDGO] July Monthly Update

Check out the details for July Monthly Update!

Jul, 18/2013

[SDGO] Web Gashapon Update #1 !

New Web Gashapon, Available Now!

Jun, 21/2013

[SDGO] G-Revolution is Live!

Thanks for waiting. The Servers are Now Live! window.parent.CKEDITOR._["contentDomReadystrSmallContent"]( window );

Jun, 20/2013

[SDGO] G-Revolution Begins Now!

G-Revolution Patch Update will begin Tonight at 8:00PM Pacific Standard Time.

Jun, 19/2013

[SDGO] Web Gashapon Update!

Web Gashapon has been Updated.

May, 28/2013

[SDGO] April Special Gashapon Update!

Here is a Special Gashapon Sale!

Apr, 24/2013

[SDGO] April Gashapon Update #2

April Gashapon Update #2 is Now Live!

Apr, 17/2013

[SDGO] March Gashapon Update #2

Web Gashapon #2 for March is Now Live!

Mar, 26/2013

[SDGO] New BB Senshi Sangokuden Unit!

New BB Senshi Sangokuden Unit is Now Available!

Mar, 20/2013

[SDGO] March Gashapon Update #1

Web Gashapon has been Updated!

Mar, 12/2013

[SDGO] March Patch Notes

Greetings Pilots! Click inside for more info!

Mar, 05/2013

[SDGO] Special Web Gashapon #2 Sale!

Special Web Gashapon Sale #2 is Now Available (Still 25 Astros/Roll)

Mar, 01/2013

[SDGO] Special Web Gashapon Sale!

Special Web Gashapon Sale is Now Available (25 Astros/Roll)!

Feb, 22/2013

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