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[SDGO] July Patch Notes

Check out our July patch note.  Click the link now!

Jul, 10/2012

[SDGO]Web & In-game Shop update

There are some new units and blueprints in the shops today, Check them out!

Jun, 27/2012

[SDGO] June Gashapon Update No.2!

Hello Pilots,   This update brings even more challengers to the field! (Gashapon update will occur at approx. 10AM PDT, Wednesday June 20th) 

Jun, 19/2012

[SDGO] June 13th In-game Shop update!

We have some new additons to our shop, why not take a look?

Jun, 13/2012

[SDGO] June Patch Notes

Greetings Everyone,  The patch notes have arrived!

Jun, 04/2012

[SDGO] Web & In-game shop update!

Look inside what we have for you in the store starting 5/30!

May, 30/2012

[SDGO] May Gashapon Update No.2!

Look inside for what we have in store for you! (Gashapon update will occur at approx. 10AM PDT, Wednesday May 23rd)

May, 22/2012

[SDGO] 5/16 In-game shop update!

Look inside for what we will have in store for you tomorrow! 

May, 15/2012

[SDGO] May Patch Note

Greetings everyone,  The time has come for exciting May monthly update! In addition to our extensive line up of new S Rank units, new PvP maps, a new Mission, new capsule machines, and new Stickers/Paints, we also have new Event Operators as well as the Rare Capsule Event you have all been anticipating! 

May, 08/2012

[SDGO] Patch Note - April / 12

Read on for details on April patch!

Apr, 10/2012

[SDGO] Web Shop Update! - Apr. 5th

Web shop has received a small update! Be sure to check it out.

Apr, 05/2012

[SDGO] March Web Gashapon Update No. 2

Gashapon has been updated for the second time in this month. Don't miss them out!

Mar, 29/2012

[SDGO]Patch Note - Mar. 15th

Greetings everyone, Time has come for yet another patch to nourish your SD Gundam Capsule Fighter experience. Please read on: 

Mar, 14/2012

[SDGO] Web Shop Update!

The Units available in the web shop have changed.

Feb, 29/2012

[SDGO] February Web Shop & Blueprint update!

There are new items added to our shop! Click to find out more.

Feb, 14/2012

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